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Welcome! I provide graphic design and creative services for a broad range of projects — everything from full-scale children's book direction to web design, print, and marketing materials.


Who I Am

For more than two decades, Karin Anderson has applied her multi-faceted, award-winning skillset to the publishing world of books, newspapers, website design, graphic design, and personal creative mentoring.  Her wealth of experience stems from staff positions as a photographer, picture editor, and the Director of Photography, at major media markets, including the Las Vegas Sun, the Copley Sun Newspapers in Greater Chicago, and the Detroit Free Press.


Anderson’s work has frequented the pages of the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, broadcast media PBS and CNN, among others.  Accolades include national awards from National Press Photographers Association (NPPA), Pictures of the Year (POY), the White House News Photographers Association, and under her tutelage, staff awards with the Associated Press, Society of News Design (SND), and World Press Photos.


Anderson also has a passion for children books, and has contributed her skills to four books to date. The title Impact! was critically recognized with the AAAS/Subaru Prize for Excellence in Science Books.



Print Materials


Art Direction

Logo Direction

Visual Identity

Design is an extension of your identity. Your marketing materials need to feel like you - your colors, your vibe, your values. I bring a holistic approach to design with my unique, multi-discipline creative background.  

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Layout Consultation

Creative Direction

Photo Editing


Project Coordination

Your visual elements need to clearly communicate the mood and message of

your brand or project. They are your client's first and lasting impression. I lend

my experience to making your visuals work.

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Content Strategy

Brand Revamps


Your key communication pieces need to be easy to understand and precise. If they are not, your potential client will stop reading and go elsewhere. I make sure your content is short, clear, and effective.

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What I Do

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