Elizabeth Rusch




Award-winning children’s book author Elizabeth Rusch currently has 22 titles to her name. Some of her favorite subjects are science, music, and dogs, among many other topics. She's written non-fiction, fiction, graphic novels, picture books, and many, many magazine articles. She's won so many awards, I don't think even she can keep count. I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with her on four children's titles in a visual capacity.


Liz says she tried over the years to settle on a business card design that captures her vibe without success. So this was a very fun challenge! She actually sent these to press.

Role: business cards

Elizabeth Rusch biz card mock up.png

"Karin has this amazing combination of natural visual talent paired with powerful photography, layout and creative management experience. Creative, energized and energizing, patient and encouraging, knowledgeable and professional. The end product is beautiful. Karin is worth her weight in gold."

                                                                                                   — Liz Rusch