Cienega Ranch

Beautiful Cienega Ranch is in the middle of Dark Sky Country in Rodeo, NM – population 101. In addition to the relaxing vibe, exhilarating dune buggy rides, storm watching, and chance to pet rescue donkey Donkette, the sprawling ranch boasts three rustic AirBnB properties, which needed some updating and new photography to freshen up their listings. I added a few aesthetic touches to two of the properties, rearranged and curated existing décor. Then I photographed their new face and the location to showcase both the appeal of the properties and the breathtaking landscape surrounding them.

Role: visual consulting, photography, interiors

“Karin did an amazing job photographing our three AirBnB rentals and brought her own classy decorating talent to our project to get to a wonderful end product.”   — Rory Chenowth, Ranch Owner